Find More Than Fresh Produce at the Ybor City Saturday Market

The Ybor City Saturday Market is one of the best independent grocers found around Tampa.  Source: Facebook

Eat fresh and buy local. It's easy, thanks to your apartment near a farmers market. The Ybor City Saturday Market is bringing fresh, healthy food and locally made products to our community each and every week. Since 2000, the Ybor City Saturday Market has been a place for local vendors to come together, providing an opportunity for those in the … [Read more...]

Fit in a Great Workout in the Pool

Here are some excellent exercises that will help you find fun and fitness in the sparkling pool of our Tampa luxury apartment community.

If you are getting a bit tired of your exercise routine, take it to the pool. At the beautiful pool at our apartment community, you can try out these three water workouts. Grab a beach ball for an Otter Roll. Position yourself on top of the ball, hugging it toward your chest and keeping your body as stiff as possible. Then, roll toward one side, flexing … [Read more...]

Join the Chick-fil-A Fall Stampede 5K and 1 Mile Fun Walk

The Chick-fil-A Fall Stampede 5K and 1 Mile Fun Walk hits the ground running on Saturday, Sept. 27th.  Source: Facebook

A 5K run is a good way to test your fitness while having some fun. For a great run near our apartment community, sign up for the Chick-fil-A Fall Stampede. Featuring tons of activities, this race offers something for the whole family before, during, and after the race. With the option to do a 5k run or a 1 mile fun walk, no matter your preference, there … [Read more...]

Get the Flavors of Italy at La Terrazza Ristorante

La Terrazza Ristorante boasts some of the tastiest Italian cuisine found near your Tampa apartment community.  Source: Facebook

There's something deeply satisfying about a simple but delicious bowl of pasta and sauce. Get the authentic flavors of Italian cuisine at La Terrazza Ristorante at 1727 E. Seventh Avenue. The cozy, charming ambiance inside is a delightful oasis away from the activity outside in the heart of Ybor City. Host Luigi and the rest of the friendly, attentive … [Read more...]

3 Great Reasons to Consider Adopting a Senior Dog

Here are some reasons to adopt a senior dog into your home.  Source: EveryStockPhoto

If you're thinking about getting a dog, before you head to a breeder, consider adopting a senior dog. They offer the warmth and companionship of a puppy without the growing pains. One of the great things about adopting older dogs is that they're usually housebroken and trained in basic commands. When you rescue an older dog, you don't have to waste time … [Read more...]