Head to Sunova Beach for a New Year’s Eve Bash

Sunova Beach SoHo

New Year’s Eve can be celebrated many fun ways, so instead bringing in the new year at someone’s home, or at an indoor bar, why not spend New Year’s Eve in Tampa on the beach? Enjoy the great paradise feeling drinking and eating gourmet foods with many friends. Plan to head to Sunova Beach for a New Year’s Eve of a lifetime, at 208 South … [Read more...]

Try These 2 Moves for a Great Workout on the Playground

Westminster Chase Playground

Playtime isn't just for the very young. The young at heart can find new uses for these childhood structures. Next time you take the kids to our playground at Westminster Chase, or even just next time you need a change of scenery for your workout, try these playground exercise moves. Knee lifts: Use the swings to challenge you with this … [Read more...]

Keep Your Feline Friend Active with Exercise

Cat Exercise

Cats are a wonderful choice of companion for Westminster Chase, your spacious, and pet-friendly apartment in Tampa. Whilst they are content to entertain themselves, it is important that cats also receive interaction and exercise. It's not necessary to buy expensive toys. Find objects that your cat likes such as boxes, bubble wrap or old slippers, … [Read more...]

Visit Busch Gardens for a Fun Time This Holiday

Busch Gardens Christmas Town

During the holiday season, Busch Gardens is transformed with a festive atmosphere. Enjoy a magical holiday experience by heading to this fun amusement park. At this holiday celebration, there are tons of great activities for the whole family. Here, you will find festive live entertainment and specialty attractions. For a great start to your night, … [Read more...]

Top 3 Laundry Hacks to Make Your Chores Easier


Laundry hacks offer creative solutions to a weekly chore. Simplify your next laundry day with these quick tips. Color fading can be an issue for darker items. Keep your clothing, scarves, and linens looking their best by adding a cup of ordinary table salt to the washing machine during the rinse cycle. Black clothing seems to fade faster than any … [Read more...]